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Why this Site?

When I was a student, I had no much money for commercial development software and computer books. Thanks to the Internet, I could still learn some computing skills. I felt happy on every “a-ha” moment, knowing new tricks, solving yet another computing problem. I always dream of a personal channel, sharing my happiness to others. Therefore, my personal hobby became this site Happy Computing.


Why *nix and Open-Source Software?

When I was in high school, I got my first personal computer. The OS was a desktop Windows. When I tried to learn computing and programming. I found that every good thing need a lot of $$$, many of which expensive toward a student. There were some freeware and shareware, but they didn’t fit me well. I desired a personal website (even before I was aware of the term - blog) and need some tools for web development. I heard that Linux has some cool stuffs to build a website such as Apache, Perl, PHP, and MySQL, so I began my GNU/Linux life.

我以前在用電腦時,Windows 上的好軟體大概都要 $$$,而那些免費軟體實在不太好用。在因緣際會下,我學習了 GNU/Linux 和其他相關的咚咚,就回不去了。

After several frustrations and trials, I got myself acquainted with GNU/Linux goodies like command-line utilities, shell scripts, Emacs, Perl, etc. Thanks to GNU/Linux and Unix. I re-experienced how computer can interact with people. I enjoyed the design of *nix and these utilites built upon it. Besides, I became aware of software licensing and open source software movement. The openness of a new technology guides me to choose it.

這些學習的經驗,讓我以新的⻆度認識電腦。我非常喜歡 Unix-like 系統的設計,此外,我慢慢也了解有關軟體授權的議題,這讓我在選擇和學習新技術時更加注意。

Why Using Chinese?

There have been numerous English information in the Net; however, less Chinese one available. Hence, I decided to mix Chinese and English on my site.


About Me

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